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Kluster Fun Magnet for Kids and Adults

Kluster Fun Magnet for Kids and Adults

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Introducing Kluster - The Magnetic Strategy Game for All Ages

Experience the excitement of magnetic mastery with Kluster Fun Magnet, a captivating game designed for players of all ages. Kluster Fun Magnet combines strategy, skill, and a touch of magnetic magic in a thrilling race to victory.

How to Play:

Each player receives a set of magnetic stones. Take turns placing one stone at a time within the designated play area, marked by a cord.

The goal? Be the first to rid yourself of all your magnets! But here's the twist: if stones cluster together during your turn, you'll scoop them up, inching closer to victory.

Why Kluster?

  • Family Fun: Gather around for hours of entertainment with kids and adults alike.
  • Strategic Challenge: Plan your moves carefully to outwit opponents.
  • Magnetic Intrigue: Witness the unique interaction of magnetic forces during gameplay.
  • Quick Setup, Endless Play: Simple rules make Kluster easy to learn and a breeze to start playing.

What's Included:

  • Magnetic stones
  • Cord or boundary to define the play area

Get Ready to Kluster! Whether you're hosting a family game night or seeking a captivating challenge with friends, Kluster Fun Magnet promises magnetic moments of excitement. Unleash your strategic skills, embrace the magnetic mayhem, and see who can Kluster their way to victory first!

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Customer Reviews

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Good for all ages

fun for everyone, the adults tried it first, then the grandkids, 12, 13 & 17 needed to try. we all liked it and enjoyed it.